ISO Standards


Special Offer for businesses in the south-east

As of April 2021, we are offering small companies a fixed rate for preparing a business for UKAS accredited 9001 certifications. If you have up to five employees and work out of one site, we are offering our fixed-rate consultancy for £2,000.

Following conditions apply:

  • Only up to a maximum of 5 employees
  • Must operate out of one site
  • Must not be part of a larger group of companies,
  • South East based companies preferred

This offer is valid until 30 June 2021.

Contact me at and quote 2K offer.

ISO standards give companies a worldwide standard for quality. Achieving an ISO puts your company in a very select group as it is a world-renowned company certification administered by the International Organization for Standardization, based in Switzerland.

Quality Management Projects works with different companies to help them achieve the standards required for certification. These could be ISO 9001; ISO 14001; BSEN 1090-1/2; ISO 27001; AS 9100C and BS EN ISO 50001. You can read about the benefits here.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards

The ISO 9001 standard concentrates on improving the service for customers through leadership; engagement of people; process approach; improvement; evidence-based decision making and relationship management. You can read more on ISO 9001 here.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards

ISO 14001 is an international standard to help organisations improve their environmental performance by efficiently using resources and reducing waste proving a competitive advantage and improving the trust of stakeholders. This standard is suitable for organisations of all types and sizes including agricultural, waste, commercial growers to commercial solar energy suppliers.

BSEN 1090 – 1 and 2 Structural Steel Standards

The BSEN 1090-1/2 are Structural Steel standards covering all types of structural steel and stainless steel as well as types of structure, buildings, bridges, masts and cranes.

Information security management is covered by the ISO 27001 standard for the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted by third parties.

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Standard

The ISO 45001, looks at Occupational Health & Safety and is a globally recognised standard which helps businesses from all sectors and sizes to put in place frameworks to minimize their operational risks, deliver optimum working conditions and meet legal, industry and customer requirements. We can assist you with your duty of care to employees and customers, and put in place a framework, so you can reap the benefits of health and safety management through continual improvement, measurement and monitoring to manage and mitigate health and safety risks rather than leave them to chance.

AS 9100C Aerospace Standards

Aviation companies, aviation repair stations and aviation parts suppliers will be familiar with the AS 9100C standard. It was developed specifically for the aviation industry through a global effort by global industry experts. QM Projects can help you with the processes to achieve this standard which will link business objectives with efficiency and effectiveness.

BS EN ISO 50001: Energy Management Standards for SMEs

The effective management of energy is good for business and is also becoming a requirement. At QM Projects, we can help you identify and manage any risks, improve efficiency and overall performance, leading to an independent assessment to demonstrate your efficient energy use and best practice.