2020-2021 SPECIAL OFER

Sticky notes

In, 2020, I celebrated 20 years as an independent management consultant specialising in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and other standards.

Over 20 years, I have accumulated knowledge and experience across a variety of businesses and industrial sectors; these have included precision engineering, medical devices, beauty products production, aerospace, furniture design and manufacturing, printing, structural steel and construction.

I have been fortunate to have survived recessions, hard times and challenges, and learnt from all experiences. This learning never stops, and for all of this, I am grateful.

I have met some great people, from fellow consultants, who range from the funny and likeable, to the overly serious and the ones who only see other consultants as ‘the competition.’ Some weird and wonderful business owners and Managing Directors, some who think they are Gods in their own right, through to the eccentrics and down-to-earth, practical, likeable guys who are just trying their best. I have met certification body Lead Auditors – some of whom should look for other work. However, most are decent, hardworking professionals.

These people regardless of my opinions of them as people have helped to shape me as professional. They have entertained, enlightened, confused and taught me. To these people, who are far too many to mention, I am grateful. It is people who give people opportunities and make us laugh. I have had lots of laughs over the 20 years.

I have taken on challenges which I thought were way over my head, only to succeed. All of this gave me the confidence never to say ‘no’ without further exploration.

I have travelled all over the UK. However, nowadays, I like to work closer to home in Sussex and neighbouring counties.

As it is 2020, the year of COVID-19, we are not in a position to celebrate. I had planned to arrange and event but not now because of lockdown and social-distancing.

I have decided I would love to give something back. I want to offer FREE consultancy to any small business who is struggling to get back on their feet post lockdown (from 2 to 50 employees) in the Sussex or surrounding counties.

If travelling is involved, I will charge expenses only.

This FREE offer will be based on a first-come-first-served basis and available only to companies struggling to get back on their feet.