Woman construction worker

The past two years we have been involved with helping construction companies in Sussex, and Surrey improve their management systems this has included writing sustainable procurement policies and plans, and environmental, quality and occupational health and safety management systems.

Combined, we can develop an integrated management system to cover all aspects of the business.

Construction is considered a high-risk business, not just in respect of health and safety and environmental impacts, and we also need to consider the sometimes-complex supply and customer chain.

Most main contractors are coordinators and project managers having to rely on their partnership relationships with external professional bodies such as architects, structural engineers and skilled trades

There is growing pressure on construction companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental performance. To removing, reducing and managing associated aspects and impacts, such as dust, pollution, noise and nuisance, waste and energy usage.

Sustainable policies and plans demonstrate a commitment and how a company intends to control the purchase of sustainable materials like wood – for example, the principles and values of the Forest Stewardship, against illegal logging and enforced labour.

On the same principle, we have also written anti-modern slavery policies.

All businesses are under more pressure to prove commitment to issues they may not have considered in the past. The risks have always been there, for example, information security. The risks were the same before as before GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations 2016), the new GDP Regulations have just made us all more aware.

With all that goes with the day to day running of a business and all the unforeseen issues to be dealt with, it is understandable that company directors and their management teams do not get the opportunities to write policies or implement effective management systems, internal audits, then train all staff members and relevant contractors.

The possible solution lies in outsourcing these processes.

This is where QM Projects comes in.

We are specialists in ISO 9001:2015. ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, and we are competent trainers and internal auditors.

This is what we do, to leave you to do what you know best, which is running and growing your business.