Quality or Environmental Management System Coordinator

The Benefits of engaging our Services.

Why engage an outsourced Quality or Environmental Management System Coordinator, or Manager? There are a number of benefits to consider.

Cost Effective

Firstly, it’s cost-effective. A full-time Quality Manager can be expensive for a small or medium-sized organization. In fact, the better they are, the more costly they can become. A good Quality Manager should be able to create an effective system and delegate key responsibilities throughout the organization, leaving little for themselves to do. Ideally, they should be making themselves redundant. Quality Management should be Total Management, not the responsibility of one person.

Flexible with hours – one day a week, month or quarterly

Secondly, externally provided Quality Professionals can be engaged for the hours that suit the business. For example, a day a week, month, or even quarterly.

Independent evaluation

Thirdly, an externally provided Quality Professional is independent from any of the processes or departments in an organization and is unlikely to be drawn into company politics.

Valuable sector knowledge

Lastly, externally provided Quality Professionals usually have a wide range of sector knowledge and experience to share.

If Quality Management is something of an issue for your business, consider outsourcing to a professional. Contact us for more information.

Sussex Companies achieve ISO standards

Many congratulations to these Sussex Companies for recently achieving ISO standards!

Ultimate Sports Engineering Ltd is awarded ISO 13485: Medical Devices Standard

“Working with Ian over the past few weeks has been great. He fitted in straight away as part of the USE team and assisted us, with his immense wealth of knowledge, to achieve ISO 13485 certification. We could have not done this without Ian’s guidance, hard work, dedication, professionalism and calm manner. We are so very grateful. I would highly recommend Ian and we are looking forward to further opportunities so that we can work with him again. It has been a real pleasure.

Lisa Rumbold, Ultimate Sports Engineering Ltd

This opportunity came about In August 2023 when Quality Management Projects Ltd was asked by (USE) Ultimate Sports Engineering Ltd to help them prepare for ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices Regulatory Standard (UKAS) accredited Certification Body who in this case was International Associates.

Prior to our involvement USE had engaged an independent assessor to conduct a system gap analysis, his report raised five potential non-conformances to be addressed. This is where Quality Management Projects became involved. One of the findings was an incomplete internal audit.

After the audits and rechecking the documented management system. The company was as ready as it could be for the 2.5 planned days certification audit.

It helped that the Lead Auditor was very thorough, knowledgeable, and a friendly communicator.

USE was recommended for certification with only a few, easy-to-fix minor non-conformance issues. The relief on my clients’ faces was evident. However, I think it probably took until the next day for the full extent of their achievements to sink in. The credit for their success belongs to them.

West Sussex Office Furniture achieves ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 re-certification 

“A massive thanks for all your help and support Ian, your knowledge and skillset has certainly been a huge contributing factor to this success, which we would never have achieved without you.”

Ian Hamlett – Managing Director at (WSOF) West Sussex Office Furniture Ltd.

I have been working with WSOF since 2010 when they had fourteen staff. They have now grown to forty members.

Many congratulations to West Sussex Office Furniture Ltd for successfully passing their recent recertification audit against ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. WSOF, also known as West Sussex Office Furniture, has been designing and manufacturing top-quality office and educational furniture for over 15 years, occasionally overseeing installations at end-user sites.

The company achieved a clean sheet, and the real focus had been on improvement. WSOF have made significant progress in recent years due to the implementation of statistical measuring, monitoring, analysis, and evaluation tools by new operations and production managers.

WSOF had set reasonable targets and measuring progress, has been able to achieve their goals and prove that the effort to improve is well worth it.

Thank you to the Lead Auditor for Alcumus/ISOQAR UKAS accredited certification body.

ISO 9001 re-certification for Vulcan Cladding Systems of Croydon

Congratulations to Vulcan Cladding Systems Ltd. for achieving ISO 9001 recertification audit this week! Based in Croydon, Surrey, the company supplies building cladding materials and systems to the commercial and residential construction and property sectors. With a focus on providing quality, safe, and effective products and services, Vulcan Cladding Systems is a small business with a solid and growing reputation. In addition to their ISO 9001 certification, the company was successful in obtaining ISO 14001 environmental management system certification earlier this year. Here’s to their continued growth and success!

If you would like support in gaining ISO accreditation or re-certification, please get in touch.

Environmental Management Consultancy of the Year 2022

Innovation & Excellence Awards – Corporate Livewire

The Innovation & Excellence Awards have been going for seven years and we were delighted to have won Environmental Management Consultancy of the Year 2022.

The Awards celebrate the innovation and excellence of recognised individuals, teams and organisations across the country that are proven to be the best in their market over the past 12 months.

Having been nominated, we had to supply evidence of our work, feedback from clients and previous accreditations.

This is the second award in six months for QM Projects, the first was The Best Environmental Management Systems Consultancy 2021, awarded by SME News and Southern Enterprise Awards.


We are very proud to have helped our clients achieve the ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety certification which is a first for ourselves and Si Protech (UK) Ltd.

We have worked with Si Protech consistently over the years with the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. We regularly assist the company with maintaining their systems and completing internal audits. This recent achievement in Food Standards Safety was a completely new standard for us, and our clients.

Si Protech (UK) Ltd have achieved a management system which now meets stringent food safety requirements and developed an excellent partnership to achieve the ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Standards and ISO 22002-4:2013 (amended 2019) Food Safety Technical Standard.

The rigorous processes and assessments required involved an intense learning curve.  The implementation (plan, do, check, act) process and a gap analysis was provided by an expert from BSI. We then experienced a delay between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 assessments due to various reasons including Covid-19. However, we used this time productively to go through the findings from the gap analysis to make improvements.

The result after the Stage 2, was that Si Protech (UK) Ltd. was recommended for ISO 22000:2018 Certification, provided by BSI, and who are accredited by UKAS.

Thanks must go the Directors and Management Team at Si Protech (UK) Ltd for their dedication towards achieving this award, and to the Lead Auditor and Technical Team from BSI.


Covid 19 has been a challenge for most businesses and people for a number of reasons.

Many people say it has made their business and themselves more resilient, as they have adapted to working from home and looked at other opportunities. However, this is not the case for many. Some businesses have not survived or have taken huge hits in terms of business morale and financial loss.

Some people are close to breaking point and have given up or are about to give up. There will be light at the end of the tunnel, but not everyone will get to see it.

However, there is help and support out there.

This help and support will not always make itself known. Sometimes, we need to speak up and go to others for help.

Family, for example, may be good for some personal problems, but they do not always understand your business and some of the issues you may be dealing with. For this, you may need to talk to someone else. Not always easy, I mean, what do you say?

Do not worry about that, just speak to someone. Ask for help.

As a Quality Management Consultant, I get asked all sorts of questions by some of my clients I have known for a long time. Questions I did not want to hear about relationships, money, and other struggles.

So, why me?

Well, it could have been anyone, couldn’t it?

The truth is they just wanted to talk to someone who would listen. They did not particularly want advice, although they might have wanted an opinion, or just to feel they were not alone with their problem, that someone may have gone through something similar and could understand.

Talking and listening is so easy. We do not have to have counselling or coaching qualifications. All we need is life experience, which we all have.

People are amazing; we all are. Sometimes, we just need a reminder.

As individuals, we experience so much during our lifetimes. Good and bad. There have been times when I have felt down, then I remember, I have survived much worse than this.

In business, from the time we start it up, we have to face certain struggles, and we do. In most cases, we learn from these times and get stronger.

Never think your business or personal problem is unique. It is not. There is always someone who has been there before, or, is going through it, and like you, wants or needs, someone to talk to.

A problem shared

There are organisations and charities out there, all willing to listen. You will probably need to make the first move. Let people or these charities and organisations know you are there.

Talking saves lives

The easiest thing to do, once you allow it to happen, is find someone who will listen.

I will listen.

So, will many others.

Good friends will listen; you may actually learn who your best friends are.

Your family will probably listen, and some may surprise you.

I, like hundreds of thousands of others, fell ill to Covid-19, in January 2021. I was in hospital for 12 weeks. A short time compared to some. I saw some extremely sick people. During the time when I was ill, it was a total of eight weeks before I was working again. It got me thinking. I thought about values, and what is precious, about my marriage and what my wife means to me. I thought about my family, my daughter, my grandchildren, my stepsons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and about my friends, and then my business clients, some of whom are like friends.

I now consider myself very lucky and blessed.

I received a lot of support and get-well messages, a lot of which surprised me. I was, to some extent, surprised by how people felt about me; how much I was loved.

Ok, so that might sound like a strange thing to say, but it is true.

The other fact it brought home to me is how precious life is, how we sometimes fuss over the unimportant or leave the important until another day. Men’s health, for example, in general, we are bad at speaking up, saying how we feel, or going to the doctors. We probably see it as a sign of weakness. More fool us.

How work can get in the way of living, and what we think of as essential often is not.

Some years ago. I took a course in Holistic Stress Management and received the Diploma. It was a fascinating course. I decided to study stress management, as I realised two things in the workplace and probably in life;

  1. Most stress is avoidable and unnecessary,
  2. When we look back, it often seems trivial, but it was huge at the time, I learnt the following:
  • Never assume,
  • To listen
  • To talk
  • Every person is different
  • Make yourself available
  • No one has all the answers
  • People are amazing
  • Happiness is not a place and a single emotion
  • Massage is good
  • Meditation is good
  • Walking is great
  • Laughter is fantastic
  • Learning is enlightenment
  • Love is wonderful
  • Food is necessary
  • Friendship is a powerful tonic

Not necessarily in that order!